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Friday, June 17, 2011, 2:46 AM

Went out to watch laddaland with the boy yesterday over at cine. Not that scary. Just that the sound effect was fuckkkkkking loud and everyone gets the shock of their life. And we almost couldn't enter the fucking cinema thing because we're not 16 yet. hahaha fuck for not being 16 yet. Oh and i think i lost my nric so luckily i bought my ezlink along. Okay so anyway, i pasted ezlink stickers on both sides of my ezlink card. The cinema person die-die want me to pull it off to see just incase i wasn't lying that i'm a student. Seriously, fuck yourself. hahahhahaha don't i look like a student to you pussies? hahahhaa ^^ okay i was kidding.

Retardedly after that we went to marina bay because bf wanted to take the singapore flyer. I didn't wanna take it because its expensive and its gonna bore the fuck out of me. hehehehe. Oh and my wedges was giving me a lottttttttt of problems :(

Will upload more pictures soon, k bye. Hehe.

Sunday, June 12, 2011, 8:27 AM

Ho ho ho i miss dancing. And all i've been dancing to this year is all kpop. I don't want to dance to kpop for the meantime alraedy. Hahaha. Hehe oh as much as i love rania's sexy dance, 'Dr feel good' (Which i already know how to dance the chorus part, fucking sexyyyy i tell you. hehe.) hehe i want to put that aside first. hehe. Bryan's gonna teach me how to dance to la roux - i'm not you toy choreographed by zaihar and terrence from o-school and i'm so excited hehehe. I one sibei happy girl, woooh. i show you k? hehehe.


7:59 AM

Finally back home after almost a week over at cousins ;) Hahaha alot of funny things happend though. HAHAHA OH! the fact that cousin pronounced omegle as oh-meh-ge-leh. HAHAHAHA stupid mother fucker make me laugh until i out of breath hehehe. She also pronounced ash tray as x-tray. HAHAHA epic moments. Cousin, you may be a one idiot but i love you hehehe.

Oh we head down to clementi mall the other day and both cousins got bunny iphone4 cover for themselves. They purposely make me jealous one cause they both using iphone4 and i'm the only one using blackberry :( Hehehe nevermind k nevermind. HAHAHA maintain k, hehe. Oh and i don't feel good on that day almost vomitted ): And ljs salmon thing not nice :( k thanks bye.

After which at night did u-stream, got bored, went to 7 eleven, sneaked out.
Hahaha we need to get a life.

And then the day after we head down to town and had a fucking delicious meal with cousin's mom. did a little bit of shopping. K, not me. Her mom. HAHAHHAHAA. false hope. Thanks for the treat ibu ina :P hehehe the next time i go there treat us again kay hehehe.

Hehehehehehehehehe oh and that day ah, we wore damn slack like want to go coffeshop like that. HAHAHA me with slippers. K actually everyone made a deal to wear slippers lah. When we went to town ah, i swear i feel damn "THE FUCK, MY SLIPPERS *SPEECHLESS* HAHAHAHHAHA. we daring k, thanks bye.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 8:22 AM

Remember when i cried to you a thousand times, i told you everything, you know my feelings. And never crossed my mind, that there would be a time for us to say goodbye.
What a big surprise.

Earlier on went out with ezzy and had kfc for lunch. I was so excited to eat bandito and when we reached, its sold out already -.- speaking of which, shaker fries discontinued again. sadgirl1995 please :( hahaha whyyyyy. Hopefully after the seaweed shaker fries discontinued, the spicy one release ah? hehehe then i happygirl1995 :D Ha. hopefully ant reached taiwan safely. There's gonna be johore trip with school tomorrow but tell me who on earth gives a fuck. Hahaha i would rather sit at home and rot rather than walking through plantations and whuuuuuuut? i dont like. i take mc tomorrow. i happy. can already.

Anyway. hahahaha, Somehow i want to explain something out. hahahaha. k, as you people know, for those who might notice lah. Not bragging but i dont know how i get until 3000 plus friends in facebook. Honestly, most of the people, I HAVE NO IDEA WHO. Maybe yes, people go all "What the fuck, haha many friends but all also she don't know who." Hahaha. So you expect me to know each and everyone of the people whom added me? Some even go, "If you dont even bother chatting with me, why accept?" K first, Its a good thing i accepted your friend request rather than ignoring you, then that would be rude. The unfriend button is just a click away and if you want me to unfriend you, say it, i'll do it :) I accept your request because i find it rude to ignore because i thought your intentions are good but don't take advantage :D

Another thing is that i'm not going to accuse anything, but, sometimes you know yourself, to guys especially (SOME GUYS! :) solute all guys that doesn't have the intention on doing this^^) that you added some girls just because your intention is to get together with some pretty girls. I'm not saying me, whoever it may be lah. haha. Intro here, intro there, then when some girls mentioned their attached, "oh, okay. *end convo*" The fuck. The reason i don't chat that much with you people because i don't want to end it that way. Not because i don't feel like it. Maybe sometimes i don't feel like it because i'm attached and i don't feel the need to talk to other guys besides my boyfriend and his friends and some other girls in facebook.

But if you feel like talking to me, please don't have the wrong intention and all because you know, it gets annoying sometimes :) But i'll definitely talk to people that their intention is to just be friends :3 hehe. I'm not saying this just for me, maybe on behalf of some other girls in facebook because i know they feel the same way like i feel :) Maybe its also my fault because i didn't put my status as in a relationship, hehe then i'm sorry :) but then like i said, facebook is not the place where you can just intro here and intro there and then have the intention to get together with that someone. Okay maybe some girls out there work that way lah but, haaaa not me and some other girls ;)

So now, that i've said this, hahaha, You people don't suddenly don't add me anymore k? hehe. We all friend friends, lets go. haahahahhahahahahhahahaa.

Saturday, June 4, 2011, 11:22 PM

I need to sleep earlier one of these days because i've been sleeping at 5 plus in the morning almost everyday due to korean drama's. Aunt's turning 30, celebrating later on (: Mom is being f. annoying. Pig go taiwan and i'm jealous because i want to go out of singapore also.

HAAA my blog post seriously going nowhere, Blog soon.
And mom, seriously. Whatever k.

Facts: Mothers always wants to fucking win in arguements. Tell me you agree with me -.-

Friday, June 3, 2011, 8:09 AM

Have been flooding my blog with pictures nowdays its already like a photo-blog to me instead of a real actual blog. Suck being a younger sibling cause every single fuck you do, your mom finds it wrong. Everything is your fault when its not. Getting scolded for going out all the time when i've been fucking braincracking my fuckin brain on exams and i don't deserve to go out and have sometime away from fuckin studies?

I'm not in good terms with every single human being in this house. fuck this shit.
I hate you people, most probably just for this period of time.

7:36 AM

First of june and all i did was go to far east and then to cine and then to city hall and esplanade. Didn't do much as we didn't have plans. June holidays suck. Oh and as well as school. So basically, life suck.

I have not been in good terms with every single one in my family. I have to rely on my friends now. Friends :( need you now. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeere are you? sob.